Naisbitt King Asset Management

Naisbitt King Asset Management Limited ("NKAML")

Based in London, NKAML actively manages bespoke fixed income investment portfolios for family offices, high-net-worth individuals and institutions, via private managed accounts. NKAML is devoted to the preservation and growth of the wealth of its clients. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships. Our founding principles are discretion, individual attention, supreme service, complete transparency and accountability.

Our Objectives

  • To invest into multi-currency global corporate and financial bond issues, within mutually agreed client mandates
  • To source liquid fixed income securities for superior total return over competitors
  • To expand selectively our customer base through superior service and performance

Our Approach

  • Focus on transparency, deep research and analysis, direct access to portfolio managers, detailed reporting and responsiveness to clients
  • Respond to individual clients’ investment situation and aims
  • Client-centred approach - a desire to build long-term client relationships
  • Modest management fees only (amount depending on the portfolio size). No performance fees
  • Long-only basis portfolios with a total return bias (interest & capital appreciation)
  • Invest across the full maturity range on a bespoke basis