Naisbitt King Limited

Naisbitt King Limited ("NKL")

Based in London, NKL is a bespoke Asset Advisory company providing the following services for family offices, high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

Fixed Income Portfolio Advisory  

NKL provides advisory services to clients' fixed income portfolios on a fixed-fee basis. The company provides services such as, but not limited to, portfolio monitoring, strategy building and global fixed income investment suggestions.

The portfolios are created in consultation with the clients, however the final investment decision remains with the client following our advice and assistance.

Private Office Service

Since 2006, our team has run large and highly complex private offices to the most exacting standard. Families have direct access to our dedicated London-based Private Office Service Team. The service we offer is entirely bespoke, operating 24/7 basis covering areas such as: Asset Allocation, Global Cash Management, Global Reporting, Household Services, Project Management, Concierge Services etc.

Family Private Equity Advisory

The PE investment cycle involves 5 steps: sourcing, evaluating, transacting, monitoring and exiting. We take on monitoring and exiting of our clients' existing investments. This may involve sitting on boards (if required); providing investor information to client families in a critical manner; providing monthly, quarterly and annual reports on each investment, with a critical commentary from us and proposed options on next steps for the family.Furthermore, we evaluate and transact proposed further capital funding rounds for the portfolio companies and work client families to an exit plan. We will source other such investments for client families on request.All of these services are charged to client families on an agreed fee scale (much lower than in a traditional PE fund), depending upon geographical location of investment, difficulty and amount involvement required.
Private Equity Investment Cycle